swimming 7-9-2013

Aerobic Exercise – Best In Reducing High Blood Pressure?

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Read the Washington Post article, Non-Drug Treatments for Hypertension. Key takeways are:   “Diet is the method that doctors say has the biggest benefit and for which there… Read More »

Million Hearts Emma 5-7-2013

Emma’s “pipes” are less elastic!

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Are your pipes less elastic? Watch this Million Hearts video, High Blood Pressure Basics, and learn.   Happy National High Blood Pressure Education Month!!

Kroger natural food signage 4-17-2013

Segregation & Signage

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Kroger segregates (to set apart from other things) its Natural Food section from other products in its stores and has bold signage that directs shoppers to those items…. Read More »

Donna Highfill picture 4-11-2013

Changing Might Save Our Lives, So Why Don’t We Do It?

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If you are trying to improve some aspect of your life [ say...your blood pressure] then you will want to read this article by my friend and Huffington Post contributor,… Read More »

SeeSalt picture 2-20-2013

Changing How We Eat

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Do you know the 3 questions that you should ask yourself when you are tempted to indulge?  Read SeeSalt – Issue 4 – 4.3.2013a to learn about them.

salt can be fatal 3-28-2013

Harvard University Study Finds That Salt Is Responsible for 2.3 Million Deaths

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Salt Can Be Fatal, says Study | Healthy Living By Elise Solé Yahoo! Shine     A pinch of salt can perk up your morning omelet—but that innocent shaker… Read More »

SeeSalt picture 2-20-2013

Olive Garden Rated”Avoid”

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Read the March 20th issue of SeeSalt.

salt and measuring spoon

Diets High In Salt May Trigger Multiple Sclerosis

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Read this great article by Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato on and watch the brief videos on the relationship between salt and Multiple Sclerosis. You will also find videos about the dangers… Read More »

SeeSalt picture 2-20-2013

Read the March 3rd Edition.

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Go to the tab, Higher Consciousness Blog, to get the latest edition of SeeSalt.

SeeSalt picture 2-20-2013

I Can Help You SeeSalt!

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Today I am introducing my online newsletter, SeeSalt. Go to my page, Higher Consciousness Blog to read all about it.

Diabetes 1-15-2013

The Power of Patient Expert Books

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More than ever before, Americans are seeking health advice beyond that provided by their medical doctors. My colleague, Riva Greenberg, captures the essence of patient-expert books in this… Read More »


Take a Look Inside my Book

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Go to the page, My Book, to see inside Salt Is A Four Letter Word Higher Consciousness to Lower Blood Pressure. Customer Testimonial: Hello Helen, Wanted to share… Read More »

blockages 2 1-7-2013

Everyday that High Blood Pressure Inside Your Arteries…

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“Everyday, that high blood pressure inside your arteries, is slowly damaging the blood vessels and that sets you up to develop plaque blockages in the arteries, which blockage… Read More »

stationery bike 1-7-2012

Exercise to Lower Blood Pressure

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Around this time each year there is robust encouragement and promotion to exercise to achieve weight loss.  Exercise is not only effective for weight loss but is one… Read More »

HBP Playbook 2  1-4-2013

Tried and True: Playbook to Control High Blood Pressure

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    Playbook To Control High Blood Pressure by Helen Woodward [As seen in The Charlotte Post]   When I walked into the emergency room of the hospital, I… Read More »